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By Unknown Means

Life can change in an instant. For good or for bad, for a short time, or forever. On the fateful night that Special Agent Michael Callaway of the United States Customs Service Enforcement Unit went to sea to find an inbound boat carrying a large amount of cocaine, he never imagined that within days, he would leave his job, come in to a large amount of money, move aboard an old boat, travel to the Bahamas, and engage in a battle, on and under the sea, with one of the most powerful drug lords on the planet. In doing so, he will abandon his previous by-the-book ways, not for the law, or for his country, but for the love of a woman. He will go rogue to rescue her from a horrific drug smuggler and killer named Derrick Drake. To do so, he must find the method that Drake uses to smuggle his drugs. A method that the Customs Service, DEA, and the United States Coast Guard and Navy have not been able to find. A method that leaves every investigative report about how Drake smuggles his drugs ending with the same words, “by unknown means.”

By Unknown Means Takes place in South Florida and the Bahamas in 1991, during the smuggling rampage of the Columbian Cocaine Cowboys, Jamaican Posses, and other drug entrepreneurs. During this time of lawlessness, corruption was a way of life at all levels, from everyday people, to the police, and even government officials. The statement “Everyone has a price,” would be proven, over and over during this deadly time. By Unknown Means is and action thriller that moves fast. It is part Magnum P.I., and part Adventures in Paradise, with a little James Bond thrown in, too. Enjoy!